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  • Sophie Boyce

Welcome Back

Wednesday 3rd January 2024 saw our first re-meeting take place at Lower Shaw Farm, where we were welcomed with warmth and comfort. It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces, both old and new. There were ten of us in total, which felt like a great place to be re-starting from and allowed us to have some great conversations about what we all want from Poetry Swindon.

We talked about wanting a mix of different things, including the opportunity to share our own poems and those of others without formality, having quiet time to dedicate to writing, the chance to hear poetry rather than just reading it, having occasional guest poets, workshops without the pressure to produce something to share at the end, developing our ability to understand different techniques, open mic, working towards a themed publication, and even receiving optional homework.

There was much more in between and it has provided a lot to think about in planning our future gatherings.


We meet next on Wednesday 7th February 2024, 7-9pm, at Lower Shaw Farm.

The proposed structure for the night is as follows:

7-7:15pm - Welcome and Greetings

7:15-7:50pm - Quiet reading and writing time with optional prompts and exercises available

7:50-8pm - A quick break to refill our drinks and move to the comfy chairs

8pm-9pm - Informal sharing of poetry - bring something of your own or another poet’s work that you would like to share and discuss.

Please bring 5-10 printed copies of anything you would like to share, especially if you would like discussion or critique around it.

Keep in touch

If you do not already on our mailing list, you can join up here.

Updates will also be posted to our website and Facebook page.

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